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Comodo SSL

SSL Certificates

Below, you can find an overview of all the Comodo SSL certificates in our portfolio.
Product SAN Warranty Isuance 1 year 2 years
Domain Validated SSL Certificates
PositiveSSL 10.000 15 m € 15,00 € 27,80
PositiveSSL Wildcard 10.000 15 m € 85,00 € 167,80
EssentialSSL 10.000 15 m € 14,00 € 25,80
EssentialSSL Wildcard 10.000 15 m € 80,00 € 157,80
Business Validated SSL Certificates
InstantSSL 50.000 1-3 days € 30,00 € 55,00
Extended Validated SSL Certificates

Code Signing

Below, you can find an overview of all the Comodo signing products in our portfolio.
Product Warranty Isuance 1 year 2 years 3 years
Email signing
Software signing
Document signing

Additional product information

Delivery time

This is the average time it takes for the issuance of an SSL certificate. The actual process time depends on the speed with which you complete the validation process (such as the validation of your e-mail address). No rights may be derived from the indicated delivery times.


This is the highest possible amount of financial reimbursement to a client when a certificate is issued to an unauthorised party, leading to financial loss for the client. The amount can vary between certificates and suppliers.